Time for a freebie and more

Today I hit the big numbers… and I don’t mean the lottery *wink*. To celebrate this ‘big birthday’ I want to share with you a special free pattern.

The title of the free pattern is ‘Friends’ …. because stitching friends are the best and so important in our life! May I thank you all for popping in every once so often to read my life ramblings and for being wonderful!

Just click on the picture and it will take you to my website where you can download the pattern. Have fun stitching!

Something more to share one of my free patterns stitched by Hilda. Wonderful finish!


Yes I know I’ve been away for a long time… in case there is anyone left wondering … I am still here… just very quiet and I have not much worth sharing … until today :)

Anyway onto the sharing … today I want to show you the Autumn Patch pattern stitched by Merline. I love the button on the side, her choice of fabric and the beautiful scissors!

Winners of the give-away!

The celebration give-away is now closed. 

Wow, this was fun! Thank you all for participating and most of all for your warm and kind comments… I’m over the moon with the response.

As it is a special celebration I decided to make 3 people happy :) Here are the lucky winners…


The Autumn pattern plus the extra’s goes to Hilda.



Also receiving the Autumn patterns are Nela and Lauren.

I will be contacting the winners for the address details shortly. Congratulations!