My favourite type of cross stitch patterns are antique and folk art samplers. It is for me never boring to look at a sampler with all the little different motifs.

For those among us that find it interesting too,  here  are some facts about samplers and symbolism.

Image from wiki


Notice the absence of the letter J


Exploring scissor charms

Had some fun playing around with beads and charms trying to create some scissor fobs.  It is soooo addictive that I have decided to create more ~smile~.

Otherwise life is quiet, I’m working most of the time and have little time to create new graphics or patterns. I do hope that our situation will change soon so that I can reduce my hours and have more time to play.

Long overdue

Below is one of my first cross stitch patterns stitched by Svanhvit Reith. It has taken me a looooong time to finish the model because I could not decide what to do with it. Finally it came to me… a dream pillow!

Instructions how to make the pillow is not included in the pattern  (I’m far from an expert in sewing)… but this is how I made it;

I used some muslin to create a pillow which contains the herbs. This pillow will fit inside the pillow that I made of the stitched Mandala.

The outer pillow (made with the stitched Mandala) contains some fiberfill. Instead of stitching all 4 sides you add velcro to one side so that changing the inside bag will be nice and easy.

The dried herbs inside the bag are (as little or as much as you prefer):

  • 2 tablespoons Lavender (relaxing sleep)
  • 2 teaspoons Chamomile (relaxing sleep)
  • 2 teaspoons Hop (restful sleep and healing)
  • 2 tablespoons Rose Petals (any color as long as they are fragrant and not chemically treated)

It suits the subject of the Mandala and I like the end result… and the smell.

Thank you Svanhavit for your wonderful stitch work!