who am I ?

My name is Caroline, although born and bred in The Netherlands I live since 1998 in England. I fell in love with the country side and thoroughly enjoy the beautiful views of the county Yorkshire where I live.

About a year ago I started cross stitching and you could say that I was hooked from the first stitch. Here I share my up’s and downs in mastering the ‘art’. For some projects I use my own designs made from my graphic and painting work, for me less is definitely more and my passion for simplicity is reflected in my patterns. I offer my patterns for free and for sale at Cosmic Handmade .

My preference in cross stitch designs is country and primitive folkart as you can see on my list of favourite designers :)

Caroline’s list of 100

  1. Born on March 16th.
  2. Blessed with 3 sisters and 2 brothers… I am number 4 in the line.
  3. Born and bred in The Netherlands, I moved to England in 1998.
  4. A happy and loving heart is for me the key to life.
  5. Art in all it’s variety is my passion and I love to doodle and create joyful things in my own simple way.
  6. Colours brighten our daily life, I don’t have a favourite I like them all.
  7. I prefer vegetarian food.
  8. No matter how creepy I never kill an animal.
  9. I love everything about nature with a special passion for the coast and the sea.
  10. Cats are my favourite ‘pets’.
  11. Listening to birds singing in the early morning is for me a wonderful way to wake up.
  12. My lucky number is 12.
  13. The internet started to fascinate me in 1997 and I have a website since 2002.
  14. You are most likely to see me early in the day, I’m an early bird.
  15. A healthy walk in whatever the weather and yoga are the exercises I do, I am a member of a gym but I don’t go often enough.
  16. The piano lessons I had as a child only lasted 2 years, unfortunately I lost interest.
  17. I am multilingual, fluent in Dutch, English, German and un petit peu of French.
  18. Don’t like starting every sentence with I probably because I am a bit of a shy person. As a child I was extremely shy and insecure.
  19. My favourite drink is definitely Coffee, no day is complete for me without a good dose of it.
  20. My house and work environment are always tidy, for me it’s a good way to keep my mind organised.
  21. My cereal in the morning is covered with orange juice because I don’t like milk.
  22. Money matters make me nervous and I wish we could live our life by sharing kindness and work for goods instead of cash.
  23. My childhood was lonely because I had difficulties connecting to people. I spent most of my time creating and doodling in my own little world and it made me somehow socially disabled. This continued until I
    discovered my courage.
  24. To recharge ‘my batteries’ I need time to myself without other people around.
  25. Strange but true; I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when someone is dishonest.
  26. Although I enjoy eating food I do not like cooking, worst of all I hate touching raw meat.
  27. Regrets? I don’t have them, whatever experiences I had in my life made me the person who I am now, a person strong enough to walk through the day facing tomorrow.
  28. I am far better in giving than receiving, I never know what to say when someone is kind to me.
  29. Dutch is my native language but I feel comfortable expressing myself verbally and in written words in English, a language so rich in words.
  30. I believe it takes a long time to really get to know a person, this list is far from long enough but hopefully entertaining.
  31. Drinking enough water every day is something I find hard to achieve.
  32. When life get’s too monotone I become restless, I welcome every challenge and I seem to function very good under stress.
  33. I’m interested in many subjects and eager to learn about new ones, my collection of books is too big for our small house.
  34. My biggest challenge was flying a helicopter, it was a birthday present. I did not scare the instructor at all and I am proud of my ‘ completed the first lesson ‘ certificate.
  35. I’m a re-married widow of 40 something, no children.
  36. Recently I added to my list of hobby’s addictions needlecraft
  37. After 8 year of studying astrology I started teaching it. I’m still interested in the subject but stopped practicing it when I came to England in 1998.
  38. My hubby and I love to travel, with a preference for the English, Irish and Scottish coast.
  39. Caring for others is in my nature and I’m a casual worker in a local nursing home besides running my own design business.
  40. I never use make-up, I prefer ‘au naturel’ but have to admit that (while getting older)
    I might change my mind.

To be continued…