Yes I know I’ve been away for a long time… in case there is anyone left wondering … I am still here… just very quiet and I have not much worth sharing … until today :)

Anyway onto the sharing … today I want to show you the Autumn Patch pattern stitched by Merline. I love the button on the side, her choice of fabric and the beautiful scissors!


4 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. How cool that I happened to stop by today. :) Welcome back! Love what she’s done with the pattern, it all goes together seeew well! :)

    Hope the year has been treating you good, Caroline! *bunnyhugs*

  2. Hello, my dear friend!
    I have been very quiet, too, life is very stressful and hubby and I both work a lot, so time for internet has been scarce. I do hope we can figure out a time for a chat soon, though. I miss you so much!!

    Oh, btw, I am ALMOSt done on the native mandala. It is bee-yew-ti-ful!!

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