Homespun Hearts and sale!

The new webset and wordpress theme is finally finished. With the launch of this new set I also finally started the sale.

Until October 21st the new set is available for a special price and all websets and wordpress theme’s are half price!


3 thoughts on “Homespun Hearts and sale!

  1. Hi, dear Caroline,

    I love the new set, it´s so beautiful!! And the sewing set posted below is glorious, too!!
    Btw, I am currently working on my beautiful native mandala. Yet again, your work is there to save me!! It´s pattern and colors are giving me such (needed) tranquilitly and determination!!

    I miss you…………

    Love and hugs,

  2. I’m with Svanhit, I need the tranquility (I’ll never get the determination, so I’ve given up on that one). You will be pleased to know that I started the Lighthouse cross stitch project :)
    Now I’m off to view your new masterpiece!


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