Homespun Hearts

Thank you… you are all so kind to me… time is just going so fast!

September is already in the 3rd week and my new webset is still not finished. I’m at the stage of finalising the last details and the wordpress version. I’m so looking forward to my days off… starting at Sunday so that I can finish it :)

Because things are going so slow I will extend the celebration into the month of October. On my days off I will have time to put together some fun draws and extra’s…

Here’s a little peek…
Copyright Cosmic Handmade

Only two days left for the celebration give-away!


4 thoughts on “Homespun Hearts

  1. ayyyy going to get new images .. in your page says you can do customization work … I’m thinking I want to do that .. I want a nice banner for my blog, and I see the new designs will be sewing, if I want, my blog .. nesecita renew image and you’ll have some nice cats???

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