Raincoat, wellies and work in progress

Yorkshire, England

Yorkshire, England


Yorkshire, England

We visited another farmers show last tuesday, the Kilnsey show. This time we needed a raincoat and wellies. There is a craft competition in various categories… I’m contemplating to enter my work next year, that is if I’m brave enough :)

I’m working on a new webset, I hoped to have it finished at the start of september but it takes a bit longer… just beacuse I’m such a perfectionist and I can only offer it when I am 100% happy with it.

The new webset is progressing and it won’t take much longer. I can reveal that the name of the set is Homespun Hearts and it’s all about (needle)crafting. There is a premier of a new character… petals daughter! I have no name for her yet… mmmm… maybe you have some idea’s?

I am extending the 6 year anniversary give-away for another week, meaning that it will end on Saturday 19th. If you want to enter leave a comment at the celebration-give-away post.

And as if I have enough to do I started painting again. It has been a long time and I so enjoy my watercolours and pens… I will show some of my work when it’s finished.

Have to run know or else I’m too late for work….


2 thoughts on “Raincoat, wellies and work in progress

  1. Caroline,
    You should enter your work next year. You are so creative and everything you do is so pretty.

    Homespun Hearts sounds so cool and it is all about needle crafting? I can’t wait

    Yesterday I was looking at your webset’s to use something for Autumn time and I found what I want. I am going to wait for Homespun Hearts and order both.

    I am sure your paintings will be gorgeous.


  2. Oh yuck, look at all that mud! Well, that’s UK weather for sure :)
    Can’t wait to see your paintings, I love watercolours, but I’ve never dared to start one.
    Magnolia comes to mind when I think of Petal’s daughter :)

    Thanks for your help on WP – managed to upgrade without making a compete fool of myself :p


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