Another grand day



It was perfect weather for another day out and this time we went to Hebden Bridge in the Yorkshire Pennines.

Known as the “Pennine Centre”, Hebden Bridge takes its name from the packhorse bridge over Hebden Water. The town developed in late medieval times as a river-crossing and meeting point of packhorse routes from Halifax to Heptonstall, Burnley and Rochdale.

Strolling around town we found many little knick knack shops, an artgallery and some great coffee shops and pubs. There was too little time to visit all the shops and it’s on my list for a re-visit :)

Yes, I know I’m posing… the beauty is that my sunglasses cover my wrinkles *grin*. No our cat Mabel stayed at home, she did the posing in the morning.

For more pictures just click on the picture above.


4 thoughts on “Another grand day

  1. Hi Caroline,

    I just put a photo of a little pillow I made using your breast cancer awareness design. I changed the printing though to make it reflect the occasion and hope you’re OK with that. Thanks for helping me make this memento special.

  2. Oh, lovely shots, Caroline! :D Thanks for sharing :)
    Mable is an adorable cat! Enjoy August!
    Cheers from Scotland.

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