Peacock and other birds

black bird

That’s it, I’m on non-speaking terms with Mabel – our lovely little sweet fluffy cat (…she is most of the time!). She went out for her morning stroll and stayed away a bit too long.  I opened the front door to see what she was up to and saw her sitting on the doorstep chewing on something. That ‘something’ was one of the little baby blackbirds fallen our of their nest…

We have one or two nests every year and I love watching the mother blackbird in our garden looking for worms and the food that I give her. I’m a cat lover but moments like these are definitely not my favourite!

I started with a new project – Peacock Pinkeep by Blackbird designs, Loose feathers #35 and I’m loving it! As recommended I stitch it on 28ct Weeks Dye Works Gingham linen using CC Belle Soie Silk. Here is my progress so far…

Peacock Pinkeep

We have sunshine today which is a good thing for a bank holiday. I’m off to work today but hopefully I will have some time this weekend to enjoy the sunshine outdoors like last weekend.  We had a lovely time in Bolton Abbey… here are some pictures.


2 thoughts on “Peacock and other birds

  1. Oh Mabel, of Mabel… What did you do to the baby blackbird! But I understand that is just part of nature. :)

    (By the way, my parents have got that exact same fence on their yard, but in yellowish tone. :)

    Your sticheries as well as your patterns are always so cute and neat, Caroline!

  2. I am so sorry about what Mabel did. It’s part of what cats do but I know you still love and adore here.

    Oooo I love the stitching awesome!!


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