Eurovision Song contest

It must be about 20 years ago that I last watched the Eurovision song contest. Wthout a doubt this years host Russia hosted the best show I’ve ever seen.

The voting system completely changed to prevent unfair results and it has become once again a real competition.  

Although my native country the Netherlands did not reach the final …  United Kingdom won 5th place and gave me plenty to cheer for.  Alexander’s ‘fairytale’ was my favourite (scoring high in the ‘cute factor’ as well) and he won, congratulations Norway! Yes, it was a pleasure to watch this years show.

I will be posting soon with some cross stitch news… I have been working on some new patterns and the Summer freebie is also on it’s way.

2 thoughts on “Eurovision Song contest

  1. Although the voting at the finals was a combined score from televoting and professional jury, the semi-finals still were decided by televoting only – alas for us Dutchies :(
    But I definitely can live with Alexander as a winner *sigh* cute indeed!

  2. I liked Norway, too, but have to say the UK entry was a bit too ‘over the top’ for the ESC for me… ;)

    And we came last, once again, woohooo… Well, it is good to keep up with the traditions, isn’t it! LOL

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