I feel green today…

… and tomorrow perhaps red again :)

I started with a new project, Wintergreen Swan, a pattern from The Goode Huswife. The pattern includes the paper materials to finish it as a shadowbox. The variety of green colours used in this pattern are really nice … I love it!

Winter Green Swan


  • Pattern: Wintergreen Swan – The Goode Huswife
  • Fabric: 32ct Laguna, bayleaf
  • Threads: DMC and Needlepoint inc.

Meanwhile…. a little progress on The Gilded Cage too…

The Gilded Cage

Clare  you asked me about the use of a snap frame… how can we prevent the frame from slipping when we are stitching? Well, I have the same problem … I keep adjusting it all the time… so I can’t really answer this question. Maybe adding some extra fabric under the clasps might help? I’m going to give it a try and will post my findings. (Love your stitching!)

Happy Easter everyone!


4 thoughts on “I feel green today…

  1. Hi, love the patterns you are working on! I use felt strips with my Q-snaps (cut to fit the frame and wide enough for the claps). Less slipping and no marks on your fabric!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday (I’m always fashionably late :p) Missed being online and can’t wait to get back fulltime.
    I love the ton-sur-ton green, but The Gilded Cage is lovely too.
    Hope all is well in your part of the world.

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