Busy nothings

“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.”
Jane Austen

Thank you Jaana, Kia for your birthday wishes, so very thoughtful of you! I guess I’m at the stage that I don’t want to say it outloud that another year has passed but I must admit it felt good to receive your wishes :)

What am I doing at the moment? … a million and 1 things … as usual… but it seems that nothing gets finished.  One of them is re-organising my work/craft room as it’s getting too full. ( Mainly because the room is the size of a post stamp or maybe I need to go on a stash diet).

I have a little progress on ‘The gilded Cage’, chart by Carriage House Samplings.

The Gilded Cage by Carriage House Samplings

Today I decided to add another project on my list…  I would love to make a beaded scissor fob. I found a good online tutorial  and am now searching for some beads… more about this later :)

Just couldn’t wait… I created already a bit of Easter and Spring in my home….



4 thoughts on “Busy nothings

  1. Hello, little busy bee! ;)

    It’s good being busy doing things we love. Now that I’m not working a lot of ppl keep asking me how can I stay home all day without getting bored. I really don’t get it! Bored? Only ‘cos I don’t have a job outside the house? Oh pleeeee-ase! There are tons of things to do! Doodleing, cooking, reading…. bla bla.

    I like your flowers and the cute li’l bunny! :) Enjoy Spring!

    Hugs & good night!

  2. Hi, dear Caroline,

    did my wishes not reach you?? I hope you did get them. I thought of you very much and always do, just have had some trying times lately and last night they got worse…………

    Love and hugs!

  3. I was surprised that I remembered your day. :)

    Love the yellow and green Easter/spring display by your dark colored fireplace! Oh and I have got one of those Maileg (isn’t it?) bunnies as well with a carrot in his pocket. :)

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