A new start and more


First of all thank you for your kind comments, it is so nice to know that, eventhough I’m not a regular blogger, I still have visitors… ~smile~

The Gilded Cage

The LHN Yesteryear started to become a bit boring and I’ve put it aside for the moment. I might start more than one projects in the coming weeks but at the moment I started with ‘The Gilded Cage’ from Carriage House Samplings. The colours are amazing and the NPI silk is a new experience for me. I’m stitching it on permin linen, 28ct sandstone.

I can’t decide which other charts to start with… the new Blackbird Designs charts are adorble… but I’m still thinking….

Some of us (not me yet ~smile~) might be thinking of a ‘cleaning spree’ with the first quarter of the year almost gone. Spring is the start of a new cycle of seasons and the perfect mood to help you do this. I found this fabulous online book – specially designed for the convenience of the busy housewife – with tips and facts for cleaning, homemade remedies, recycling and so on from 1926.

‘The good housekeeping dictionary of facts’ is a collection of tips and facts from the ‘good housekeeping magazine’. Have a peek

And when you’re in cleaning mode maybe you should have a look in your handbag … ever thought that the content could say something about you?

Handbag Therapy


One thought on “A new start and more

  1. Hi Caroline

    I notice that you use a snap frame, I haven’t had much success with mine, can’t quite get the tension I require when putting my fabric in the frame – do you have any suggestions ?

    Love your charts and stitching.


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