Crashing into the new year…

First things first…  I wish all my visitors / readers / blog friends a happy 2009!

Our holiday break in Scotland over Christmas was great, we loved every minute of it!  We had good company, laughed much,  listened to music, walked for hours, had a shopping spree in Edinburgh and played golf (well I was stitching while my hubby was playing golf).  He he… I actually managed to take some pictures …. do feel free to have a peek .

The next part was a bit scary. On our way back the car suddendly broke drown… off course… in the middle of no where – don’t ask me what it was because I have no clue when it comes to cars –  I only know that I panicked. It took a while to figure out what happened, most of all I was grateful that no one was hurt.  After 4 hours driving the last thing we wanted was waiting  hours in the cold for help to come. Luckily we managed to drive home.. wobbeling and in snail speed.

Once at home a road emergancy vehicle came to pick up the car and guess what… the van broke down too! I don’t have any real resolutions for the new year except for cleaning up ‘the old’  to make room for ‘the new’ …  we started with the car, bye bye old one… welcome new!

Before I forget… my new project ( Tulip Manor from Blackbird Designs) is progressing… oh boy.. do I love stitching this one… the colours are just amazing… (sorry the picture is a bit blur…)

Tulip Manor - Blackbird Designs


3 thoughts on “Crashing into the new year…

  1. Happy New Year my friend, but what an awful way to start it! I’m glad you’re safe and lets hope things will only get better from now on!


  2. Happy 2009, Caroline! :) I like your photo of Dunstaffnage Castle. I’ve been there with hubby and my parents on July 2008. We loved our trip there :D All you pics from Scotland are cool. :) I’ve not been to Inverary, so thanks for sharing :D Happy wkd. Hugs!

  3. Happy New Year, Caroline! My, how I have missed you. I am home all day today so I can play a little. I loved browsing through your photos. I think your kitty has the best idea. Scotland looked beautiful, but c-c-c-cold. I loved the shot of the Hawthorn in England. But kitty is my favorite. Sleeping all warm and curled up and dreamy.

    I’m praying our new year, 2009, will be a year of blessed change for you and me and that our lives will bring on a sense of purpose and meaning wrapped in confidence that is gentle and loving, not only for others but for ourselves. God bless you, dear friend.

    Hugs, Mary

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