A place to call home…

Ever experienced linguistic blunders… well… I did… many times. Learning a new language is not the biggest hurdle to overcome when moving to a different county. It has taken me a long time to be at a reasonable linguistic level… which is not even half way :).

Language is such an important part of our life but it is the cultural ‘differences’ that take a bit longer to understand… sayings, humour, eating habbits… and so on. For example… “Hello love”… Yorkshire pudding (not a dessert like I thought it was) … school kids eating a teacake with crisps (Eeeek… een broodje chips LOL) you name it. Translating expressions literaly just don’t work which I noticed when I said to someone “buying a cat in the sack” …. but… It was so much fun to learn!

When someone said to me at the end of a conversation ‘see you later’ I always thought… I don’t know you why should we see each other again. To be honest it’s not much stranger then our own local Dutch equivalent: ‘doei’… and it shows… we are all the same anyway…

Ten years ago I was welcomed with open arms by all the friendly and hard working people of Yorkshire, England has now a prominent place in my heart… and has become ‘my country’ too…

For the Dutch amoung us…. here are some blunders to giggle about


3 thoughts on “A place to call home…

  1. Ooo I bookmarked that one! I’m going in stutter mode when I have to talk to someone in English. My brains knows what to say, but it takes too long to get to my tongue :p



  2. What you say is so true! :) Loved to read your today-post, Caroline! I had a look at the link, and bookmarked it ;) even if I’m not Dutch. LOL! Have a happy November!

  3. Happy anniversary Caroline, your post is so special & so true. I hope you’ll discover more surprising expressions in the future. Yorkshire is a beautiful area, hugs

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