Scissor fob

My canvas work project was fun to do. I stitched the same pattern twice, stitched them together… made a twisted cord… a tassel… and … Bob’s your uncle …. my scissor fob was born!

The chart I used came from a book I found in a charity shop. “Start embroidery” by Betty Barnden is definately definitely* one of my lucky finds.



*this time correct thanks to Sparky :)

Bob’s your uncle


4 thoughts on “Scissor fob

  1. ROFL :p

    OMG Caroline, that’s the most beautiful fob ever!! And I love the heart shaped thingies of the scissors!
    And Bob is not my uncle, it’s my dad :D


  2. Wow, I love the fob AND the heart shaped scissors! So cute! :) And of course, also your October freebie is a cutie! :) Breast Cancer is terrible, I wish they will find a cure ASAP. Happy week ahead, Caroline, hugs!

  3. That has got to be the cutest pair of scissors, decorated by your lovely fob! :)

    “Bob’s your uncle”… That was all new saying to me, interesting piece of info! :D

    Have a good week ahead! *hugs*

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