This and that

Although it has been quiet in here there has been some busy working behind the scene. I finaly tried a bit of canvas work. It took me a long time to get to grips with my new ‘recycled’ frame, I had no clue how to use it. After some messing around I figured it out and practiced a bit with different stitches. I like working on canvas and it seems to me that it might be the perfect medium for my mandalas.

For my tester I used White Royal Canvas – Mesh 18  and Anchor perle cotton #5.

My WIP Coffee menu almost became a UFO :) It was definitely time to continue and hopefully I will finish it soon. I’m just not sure if I want to stitch the border I sort of like it without…

Also I started a new project fro m LHN, Yesteryear. When I looked at my pattern stock I did not know which one to do first… so I let my hubby make a choice and he liked this one best. I will first stitch all the little borders (which is a bit boring I must admit) and then start filling in the pictures.

I’m stitching on 30ct R&R country stone with DMC.

As a contrast (as if I haven’t got enough to do ~smile~) I like to do some sewing. I saw some fun tutorials at Pink Penguin. My sewing skills are not that great but I might give the fabric basket a go. It is only in the planning I have not started yet (or might never LOL).


5 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Absolutely love the stitches on the canvas. Not sure if I’d enjoy doing them, but they do look better than cross-stitch, especially for your Mandalas. These stitches have more ‘substance’ so to say.

  2. Your stiching work is so beautiful. IT looks just erfect. I Love the coffee sampler. I think I like it best with the border, but I’ll bet it would look good either way once it’s framed.

    That basket looks like a lot of fun to make. Might make a nice Christmas gift. I can picture it done in earthy Christmas colors and then filled with something interesting….pine cones? Um… jars of instant soup like beans and seasings and then the recipient just adds water?

    You are so industrious, Caroline.

    Love, Mary

  3. Love the WIP Coffee Menu! :) I’m coffee addicted, you know, LOL! ;) Your stiching works are beautiful, indeed! :) Have a happy Monday, Caroline. Hugs!

  4. Caroline, I have to admit that some (=most) of the crafty words you used here I have no clue about. LOL But I reallllllly like the coffee menu, and the fact that all your crafting looks just as cute and NEAT as your graphics do, you are a true artist! :)

    Wishing you a happy, sunny October!

  5. Very nice! Good luck with the canvas work. I’ve never gotten the hang of canvas on a frame–I can only do canvas work ‘in hand’ myself.

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