Lost in Austen

I’m hooked on this new ITV-TV Drama, filmed in the most beautiful historic locations. What can I say… Mr. Darcy…
Lost in Austen


3 thoughts on “Lost in Austen

  1. I saw Mr. Darcy at BBC Breakfast News last week and was smiling from ear to ear…. until I heard that the series would be on ITV. And I can’t view the episodes at the ITV website either because “you’re not in the UK” *sob*
    Apart from the interview with Mr. Darcy, they also showed some clips and the contrast between the modern Amanda and the old-fashioned, well mannered people she meets is funny! And I love Alex Kingston as Mrs. Bennet. Gosh I really hope they will broadcast it over here too! (did you know there’s a book as well?!)

  2. HIya

    I haven’t heard of the series before, it might air later here though, we tend to get things later than everywhere else

    Luv ya

  3. I’m so bummed about “Lost in Austen”. I was all set to watch the first 3 episodes. I have my knitting sitting next to me only to hit the play button and find out I can’t watch it because I’m “not in the UK”. I hope they’ll show it over here.

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