Recycling stash

No one can convince me anymore that recycling is a chore, I tell you it’s pure fun:)

My neighbour gave me, about a week ago, when she heard that I like to stitch, two boxes full of tapestry wool and a piece of canvas. She thought that I might have some use for it as she herself (in her late 80’s) cannot stitch anymore.

As it happens a new charity shop just recently opened in our village and I was passing it today while glancing in the window. What did my eye chatch? A hand rotating frame for tapestry and counted thread projects, brand new, never used… a bargain!

The crux of the story is that I was getting frustrated not being able to stitch in the evening, we just don’t have enough light in our house.  I’m currently stitching on 32 count linen and good lighting is a must. With my new tool and stash I can stitch with less light and satisfy my addiction.

I have no idea what I will create but the boxes filled with colourful wool will provide me with enough inspiration!


4 thoughts on “Recycling stash

  1. Recycling eh? Hmm, yes I admit, you could call it that.
    I know some people *coughhubbycough* would just call it: collecting more junk. But what does he know?? :p
    I think I’ll go and see if there’s something to recycle for me too :D

  2. WOW I love shopping like that, you find some really great things.

    Can’t wait to see wht you come up with

    Luv ya

  3. Hi, dear Caroline!!
    Wow, those were some finds indeed!! Lucky you! I bet you will have great fun using those new treasures of yours!!

    I am sorry for being so silent. Just now I am so busy I hardly know my own name anymore…. it´ll all get better after this month of September. Then the teaching will be done (I have about 60 periods to give!! Geez!) and I will “only” have the day to day work!! :)

    Lots of love, dear friend, I miss you!

  4. Oh wow! Great treasures for usre, esp. for such a crafty lady as you, Caroline. :) Thought of something to make with them yet?

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