Over the rainbow

My hubby had a big surprise for me, he booked us tickets for a musical in October.

Over the rainbow is a compelling award-winning musical, starring Faye Tozer (from STEPS) as Eva Cassidy, which tells the life story of this legendary artist, following Eva’s life through dramatic scenes and stunning live renditions of her music including a haunting interpretation of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The show will also co-star Irish singer Rose-Marie as Barbara Cassidy.

I’m a big fan of her music, her voice is just beautiful. Eva unfortunately died at the age of 33.

“This show pays a genuine and heartfelt tribute to a true artist who was not interested in fame and fortune, but wanted nothing more than to create beautiful music.”

And I, I’am over the moon!


3 thoughts on “Over the rainbow

  1. I hope you have a wonderful time. I grew up in the Washinton DC area and I saw a few musicals in the city. They are magical. If anyone has the opportunity to go to one, you won’t be disappointed! Please let us know how it turns out.

  2. Hi Caroline, Just stoping by to say hello. How nice you get to have this beautiful evening to look forward to. What a good hubby you have got.

    Love, Mary

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