So precious…

Is it not one of the most important goals of a hobby is to have fun moments during our day to day responsibilities? As it happens we may discover aspects of our personality we never knew existed.

I find myself looking at my stash with great satisfaction… re-organising it… touching it… or just contemplating on the many possibilities I can use it. For a moment I compared myself with ‘Gollum’ from The Lord of the Rings… staring at his most precious possession… let’s hope I can control myself :)

Yesterday I was elated… I received a gift in the post from Sparky … 3 patterns from Lizzy Kate… WOW,  isn’t she just the best of friends! Well… here they are:

I’ve known Antoinette (AKA Sparky) for quite a while and she is a wonderful person, one of a kind! Funny is that way back my reaction, on when I heard she did cross stitching, was… Ohh no! Eeek…! that’s not for me… I don’t like it! It proves that nothing stays the same forever… we change all the time. One thing that has not changed is that I am honoured to be her friend. Thank you Antoinette!


2 thoughts on “So precious…

  1. Your friend Antoinette sounds very special, it is so nice to have someone that special in your life.

    As for discovering aspects of our personality we never knew existed, I have done that many times thru my hobbies. I believe that is why we are meant to do things we don’t feel comfortable doing, because it gives us the opportunity to learn something new about ourselves.

  2. Oh shush you – I’m blushing!
    I sent the gifts because you did so much for me, on- and offline. More than you realize!

    Dikke knuf!

    Oh… and the feeling is mutual :)

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