Sweet little berries

It is about a year ago that I started stitching, I can’t believe how many I already finished… I never thought I’ll do it. Even better, I started a new project today.

Don’t you just love this design…


  • Pattern: Little House Needleworks – Sweet Little Berries
  • Fabric: 32 Count Permin linen – naturel
  • Threads: Cresent Colours hand dyed floss

And… look what I found in my shopping basket today :)


4 thoughts on “Sweet little berries

  1. Hello Caroline!
    It’s been ages since I stopped by, I’m sorry about that! Thanks for the lovely message you wrote at my blog about our (what was then) upcoming marriage :) It all went really well and the setting was beautiful :)
    Your needlework is beautiful….the stuff of which heirlooms are made of!
    The perfect place for a cat, one of mine is currently sitting on top a box of my school work, putting hairs all over my lovely Cath Kidston Tesco bag, good job it was only a few pounds!
    Hope all is well with you, what a summer!
    Love and hugs xxx

  2. Caroline,
    I love your ‘Sweet Little Berries’ ! Do you know where I
    can get the chart? I would love to stitch this.
    with much thanks,

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