My ‘pin board’

It was cleaning day today and I thought it was time to reorganise the pin board above my desk. On it are all kinds of scribbles, business cards, postcards, concert tickets and so on that I collected in the past year.  I’m so glad I did it because I found a card I definately want to keep.

Not long ago, on one of our Sunday trips, my hubby and I went to an Arts & Craft fair where I met this very talented lady, Pauline Wood. She creates the most beautiful artist bears and bunnies and I absolutely fell in love with her work. My favourite is Miss Henrietta bunny.

Pauline gives workshops where you can create your own mohair bear. I did not decide there and then but I am still very tempted to do it. Wouldn’t it be great to create a real ‘Bommel Bear’ :)



2 thoughts on “My ‘pin board’

  1. Oh yes, a bummel bear would be nice ;-)

    Thank you for visiting my blog even if it is just in norwegian. You could see the new WP went of fine.
    It is so great to write in norwegian, I can say what I think.
    I must admit my enlish is not too good, it is not easy to always understand all of your writings.

    Hope you have a nice summer time.

  2. Love the new look and yes a Bommel Original would be wonderful. It’s been too long since we talked, hope to catch up with you one of these days.


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