Early riser

My sleeping pattern is very resteless lately and as so many times I woke up at around 5am. Our feline friend is quite happy about this, she sprints towards her feeding bowl as soon as she sees me get up. Her eating pattern is still a ‘problem’ (not to her ~smile~). We are told off every time we go to the vet with her… she is overweight!

How do you tell a cat that we don’t hate her by reducing her food intake but we are kind and caring by keeping her weight under controll. She is very much a couch potato and an excersise regime might be the solution.. just have to figure out how because her attention span is about 2 seconds. Sometimes I think she might have another home where she is fed because we give her special ‘slim food’ and stick to the advised portions and she is still to heavy. … Suggestions are welcome!

Maybe we should go herbal? I found a website with natural pet remedies that has a product called ‘slender pet’. Deary me, how do they come up with things like that :)

I think I might give the ‘dog whisperer’ Cesar Millan a call… he is amazing with (re-) training dogs, no problem is too big for him. I love watching his program! Do you think he might take an obese cat as his next project…?

I’m bamboozled about the non-working links to my needlecraft projects, they seem to work for me but not for others… spooky :)


One thought on “Early riser

  1. Fat cat problem huh? I think we need to get her a cat treadmill. Ok, I couldn’t resist LOL

    Cesar Millan is amazing isn’t he? I love his shows. That is so strange about the links to your needlecraft :( Spooky indeed!

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