It brings back lovely memories

While I was trying to find inspiration for a new cross stitch design that I have in mind (with a Dutch theme) I found a wonderful website, Kind van Holland  (translated = Child of Holland). Yep, that’s me I was born there.

The site is filled with products that are typical Dutch like wonderful fabrics, wooden trays, greeting cards and many many more. Her products are little gems! Have a look around and don’t mind about the language you can browse with your eyes!

My eye is on the traditional fabric, it reminds me so much of my mother who used to be part of a traditional Dutch folk dance group, wearing constumes made from original ‘oud hollandse’ fabric designs. I was brought up with a love for our culture, my father was passionate about history. Being able to work in the Dutch open air museum was for him the icing on the cake!

Anyway, my wish list is growing….. *grin*.


2 thoughts on “It brings back lovely memories

  1. What a lovely website. Everything in there reminds me of a country cottage, which just so happens to be my favorite of decors :D. The links to your projects aren’t working. I wanted to peek :/
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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