Our little feline friend has a new nickname: Scarface. Not sure what she has been up to but she came home with this …

It seems that there is a new cat in the neighbourhood – a Mabel look alike… which she does not like at all! I wonder if she had a ‘careful chat’ with the other cat…

After a quiet period I’m back. I started working on improving some health challenges with a very good homeopath and I have good feelings about the results. My bloodpressure is too high, something that runs in our family, and needed to be addressed. I choose a homeopath because I do not want to go the normal route of taking chemical medicines.

Other than that our home is restless with my hubby being around ‘inbetween jobs again’. Although we like each others company we now start to invade each other’s ‘space’ as we both are very strong people. Anyway I have offered to work again in the nursinghome… they all missed me which was a nice thing to know :)

My stitching is improving with every new project… I slowly become a real addict! I find it much easier after stitching a couple of patterns and make less mistakes.

Hope you all enjoy the Summer and have a wonderful holiday planned. Enjoy every minute of it!


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