“It’ll all turn out right in the end.
If it hasn’t turned out alright,
then you’re not at the end yet.”
Author unknow

Everything is back to ‘normal’ and the haleluja mood of the holiday has worn off. Sadly my good intentions to continue with the tools I learned during the workshop silence (yoga, meditation…) have also faded. Life just seems easier in the best and most comfortable circumstances.

The idea’s and good intentions of writing all about our holiday have dissapeared in the midst of daily routine and responsibilities.

  • We had a guest for a couple of days
  • I had food poisoning after a meal in an ‘exclusive’ restaurant
  • My hubby went on a golf tour and created a pile of washing and ironing
  • The list of – to do – is getting scary again
  • We did not win the lottery last night because I can still see the bottom of my wallet
  • While writing this we had a power cut and I lost everything
  • Our house is still making strange noises because of old age
  • Our cat woke me up at 6am because it was time for her breakfast
  • There is was panic on the workfront
  • and … and… and…

…just normal basically…

But who am I to complain… Myanmar (Burma)


5 thoughts on “Routine

  1. Dear friend,

    I pray for peace to return to your heart. I’m sure it will. Pace yourself.

    It’s depressing to come back, I remember. Hard to slip back into the old routine. I just showed Dan a photo of us that was taken during our honeymoon. Of course we were happy, no deadlines, bills, or worries. Now we scurry around like little squirrels, frantic to hide enough nuts for the winter. We will forget about them within the day, I’m sure.

    I’ve missed you.

  2. Hi Caroline

    The everyday doings is just something we have to live with. But what would the days be without?

    I wish you a nice and relaxing weekend.

    Hugs from inger

  3. I am glad things are returning back to normal. I hear you, and know what the pain feels like.

    Luv ya

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