Free slapstick show

This week has been filled with finalising some projects and preparations for our coming trip. One of the chores (~smile~) was some retail therapy.

While being on my shopping trip I fell on the pavement… (probably from all the excitement) knees first… than my hand and last but not least my forehead. Those who saw me had a free slapstick show. I tried to act as if nothing had happened but that was an impossible task with a pavement tile printed in my forehead :(

This is actually typically for me… but not to worry… although I still feel a bit sore no permanent damage has been afflicted (no other than my pride that is…) In the end, the only important thing is that the image still fits my passport photo…

I did manage to come home with a nice bag of goodies which made the trip worth while after all.

Mary: The layout is made with the Coastal Adventures graphics. I was hoping that I could finish the new theme to add to the shop but the above exercise has prevented me from working on the computer.

I hope to come back in one piece with some nice pictures of our holiday. See you soon!


6 thoughts on “Free slapstick show

  1. Oh my! I’m sorry to read about that fall and I’m glad to know you’re all right too. Were you walking on cobble stones? My sister-in-law took a terrible tumble on them in Germany. And another friend fell on them while in Italy on our way to the Sistine Chappel. I’ve come to believe they’re dangerous for walking fast.

    I hope you have a wonderful, fullfilling time on holiday with your honey!

  2. Ouch, that must have hurt, other than your pride as well. ;) Love the passport photo comment! LOL Glad it didn’t ruin your shopping trip entirely though! ;) *huggles*

  3. Hope you feel better after falling. I have felt a lot of times but never been hurt badly.

    You have made a great theme her, mostly as nice as mine ;-)

    Wish you a great week, stay on your feets.

  4. Hey, Caroline! Just stoppin by to tell you I miss you! I’m looking forward to the new photos. Is the tile imprint gone yet?

    Hugs, Mary

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