Serious primairy stage

This needlecraft thing is so new to me that it has become a whole new adventure. I’m discovering so many new projects I want to do but my skills are still in a serious primary stage. A personality trait I did not know I had (or did not want to know) has come to the surface … greed.

It is important for me to be careful now because I see lovely things I want to buy like fabric, patterns, beads and charms… and so on. I just keep saying to myself… thankfully I am still in control… ~smile~.

Anyway I have not finished Bommel Lighthouse collector yet, thanks to my limited experience I stitched the lighthouse and discovered that I forgot to add the windows… meaning I have to start over :(

It was a happy surprise the postman delivered today as it reminded me of our coming holiday to Italy we planned a couple of months ago.

Most of all I look forward to be able to spend more time with my hubby without work interruptions. He can finally enjoy a well deserved break from a busy stressful time working from home. Hopefully he can unwind (he’s a true workaholic), read his books, walk in the beautiful nature, relax and just enjoy life.

I will be participating in a workshop (in Dutch) about ‘Silence’ and received a book to read and to prepare for the week. The book “De Grote Stilte” (The big silence) – published by the university in Nijmegen – is about the meaning of silence in our personal life, society and our culture. Reading this will definately bring me back to planet earth again!

Note to self: Cut down on the chocolate in case you have to wear a bathing suit.


5 thoughts on “Serious primairy stage

  1. I keep saying to myself, at which point did I lose control?? :P
    Hope Steve will enjoy himself and fix you loads of wonderful extraordinary dishes.

    *removes chocolate from Caroline’s surprise package and replaces it with suntan lotion*


  2. Awww I am so sorry about the lighthouse but I know you will get the windows in.

    I hope that both of you have a really wonderful time.


  3. Awwww, isn’t that a sinking feeling? To be thinking you’re so close and then to find out you have to (dreaded thought) rip the work out? well, if it’s any consolation, I have found that any time I’ve had to rebuild something (anything) it turns out better the second time. I’m sure this will be true of your masterpiece!

    Hugs and hopes for a wonderful weekend!

  4. Ack!! I do hate it when I have to rip something out and do it again….. but you’ll love it all the more for it!
    Thanks so much for the thread, now my angel really should be done soon!! But do you happen to know where I can apply for extra 10 hours in the day?? Sometimes seems I could really use those!

    Italy…. hmmmm…. I would love to go, too. Who knows, one day!

    Big hugs to you, dear friend

  5. Oh I soooo admire all your crafty people! I don’t have enough talent and definitely not enough patience for crafting! LOL Bommel looks so cute sitting there… I hope he gets windows to his lighthouse soon. ;)

    Hugs to you, Caroline!

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