Adding one more year

It must have been a job too big in the morning for my mother. All the girls in our family ( I have two sisters) had beautiful long hair and mornings meant in the cue waiting for your hair to be platted. One day my father decided that it was far more practical when all girls had short hair and there it happened,  our plats where cut off.

Believe me… I looked like a little boy and hated it, especially because I had such big ears ~smile~ Somehow I never recovered from this shock and I always keep my hair long.

On another note… I had a great weekend, my hubby cooked a wonderful meal, did all the washing up on his own and gave me some retail therapy in a needlecraft shop. He has made my birthday so special :)

Now the big reveal…. the answer of ‘spot the difference’ is number 9. Congratulations Anna!

10 thoughts on “Adding one more year

  1. Oh Caroline, I am so sorry I missed your birthday! :( I am glad that you had a wonderful birthday and the hubby gave you lots of TLC *and let’s not forget the retail therapy ;)*

    Wow! I can’t believe I was able to guess your ‘spot the difference’ correctly! Thank you so much! (^_^) My hubby and I would try to get the correct guess on Never Mind the Buzzcocks ‘identity parade’ LOL

    Oh to have my hair in plats! It’s so straight it can’t even hold a curl.

    Have a lovely, warm evening and a wonderful week! Thank you again :)


  2. Oh no! Reading the first comment I realized I missed your birthday also. :(( I am soooooo sorry. Life’s just too hectic lately… But I hope you had a lovely day on Sunday! Happy happy belated birthday, dear Caroline!

    Hahaa! Your “it’s a girl” photo is too funny. :) You know, I always had long blonde hair as a kid and my parents never let me cut or dye it. (I have done that since, and didn’t like it too short, and am also back to blonde after a few brown/black years.) My dad even used to braid my hair when mom had to leave to work early. Luckily I don’t remember how it looked! LOL

    Have a good week ahead! *bunnyhugs*

  3. Hi, my very dear friend!

    Sorry I didn´t get to call you on your birthday… still hope you had a wonderful one! I am starting to surface again after a batch of major stress with teaching and everything. Ended giving 30 lessons in stead of 7………. so right now I am tired and have a bad cold and sound like a frog. BUT things are getting better, and I should have internet connection today or tomorrow!! YAY!! So that would mean being able to chat with you soon if you care……….

    Love and hugs and sowwy!!

  4. Looks like a lot of us missed your birthday. Shame on us! aww I never would have guessed 9. My girls both have long, thick hair. I’m starting to consider the short “do”. hehe
    BIG hugs!

  5. Oh Caroline, you gave me such a big smile :) the way you told the morning hair routine story. Isn’t it just too funny the things we have to go through? :) Thanks so very much for your recent email…it was so lovely and touched me with your warmth and understanding. I am happy to tell you that both my siblings recent tests/surgeries have come out much better than expected so we have much to be thankful for. I am so happy you had a good, special birthday! Sending you warm thoughts and hugs for this new year now. :) Pam

  6. How cute you are! I love the short ‘do’. Mine was the same way when I was little. My Mom called it a “Page Boy”? HUH? LOL!

  7. Shame on me :( I had your bd marked on the calendar, present is wrapped and ready to be sent off… and I just didn’t make it in time. I am so sorry! I need a kick in the you-know-where as I’m procrastinating more than ever (if that is possible).

    *Puts party hat on, waves pom-poms, blows on party-trumpet and sings*
    Lang zal ze leven
    Lang zal ze leven
    Lang zal ze leven in de gloria
    In de gloria, in de glo-ri-a
    Hieperdepiep HOERA!!!

    Polonaaaaaaiiise! Het feest kan beginnen, want wij zijn binnen…. (nee, dat is even teveel van het goede, kan dit oude lichaam niet meer aan)

    Dikke knuf!!

  8. Hi, dearie!
    Love the new look, those graphics are so beautiful. And so fitting, too :)
    Hope all is well, I plan to go get a headphone this week :) Just been battling a bad cold – again!!
    Love and hugs

  9. What a nice stitchy look! :) Unfortunately I’ve never had the patience for embroidery. I’m more a knitting lady…a thick yarn type if you know what I mean.

    Thanks a lot for letting me in, and thanks for the woderful set! I simply adore the new Petal set as well, and once again you made it!

    About the haircut. It’s much much better than the cut I gave my cousins at five, six. My aunt cryed and I was hiding behind the sofa… for hours ;-)
    Happy HUGS

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