Spot the difference…

Yesterday I was visiting memory lane, after a phonecall with my (older) brother who recently turned 50. Somehow I felt like digging in some boxes with old stuff… thought I show you what I found… at that time I was 8 years old!

Before…. (can you spot me? … I bet you never guess… and the one who has it right deserves a free gift from my shop…)


After… ( well the most recent reasonable picture of me ~smile~)


6 thoughts on “Spot the difference…

  1. Hi Caroline! I agree with Mary… very fun! I say 10. :)

    Got the set going! Looks great! Thank you so much. Have a blessed week!

  2. Hi Caroline! Just stopping by to see if you’ve posted the results! Nope, I see. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend with the hubby!

    Love, love, love the new graphics in here. You’ve been busy!

  3. Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Caroline … Be happy that you can’t hear me sing ;-)

    I’m off to work in a short while so … have a lovely day !

    By the way – the new graphics is beautiful as always. Big hugs

  4. oooh loads of fun. I keep going back and forth between 17 and 18 and now they’re starting to look alike to me. Were they sisters? LOL Or are you #1? Goodness, this is tough! Can’t wait to find out the answer :D

  5. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Caroline! :)
    I’m not sure, I thought it’s no.6 but then again, I think you’re no.9? When do we get to find out? :D
    Have a lovely week! xx

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