In Other Words meme, 11th March

Science may set limits to knowledge, but should not set limits to imagination.
Bertrand Russell

Maybe it is true that the strict and organised way of thinking in science leaves little room for imagination. However, I believe that sciene can not exist without.

I watched a program on tv about professor Stephen Hawkin, writer of the bestseller ‘A brief history of time’.  The severe disabilitating illness of motor neurone disease does not stop him from persuing his ultimate goal; to discover the true nature and birth of our universe. His theories all evolve in his thoughts.

There is a tremendous amount of ‘imagination’ needed to discover universal patterns, to combine and transform them into scientific language, to prove and to believe it.

I am an admirer of the ‘great thinkers’ of our world and without imagination most theories would never have happened. It was Einstein who said: ” Imagination is more important than knowledge”.


3 thoughts on “Science

  1. I have some comments about this post and Einsteine, but first I have to think them through. In the mean time, here’s the link I wanted to send to you. Eden’s Bridge.


  2. I was listening to a radio program a couple of nights ago while trying to get to sleep. There was a scientist on who was talking about the brain. He wrote a book titled The Art of Smart Thinking. Dr. Hardt was his name.

    There was discussion about experiments that have been done on brains taken from those who have died to examine them to see what was different about them. Scientists were trying to understand why some people are smarter than others. I remember he said that when placed side by side, many brains will look alike. They will be the same size, color etc. So it’s hard to determine why people differ so much.

    Then discussion was expanded to reveal that Einstein’s brain was different in one way. The area of the brain where imagination is developed was larger than most. Isn’t that interesting?

  3. Imagination is a huge thing, I love science and it amazes me just what has been accomplished and what will continue to be accomplished. I totally agree with you that without someones imagination theories would never have happened.
    Luv ya

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