The tickets are ready, I was not suppose to know but I noticed them before my hubby could hide them from me. I’m a bit sad that I (unintended) ruined the surprise that we are going to a concert of Clannad. He’s such a sweetheart:)

Clannad is probably best known for the theme of Harry’s Game. Harry’s game was a tree-part serial in 1982 about a British soldier send undercover in Northern Ireland to find and kill an IRA assasin. It was based on the Gerald Seymour novel.

I’m looking forward to our night out!


One thought on “Clannad

  1. Caroline, how sweet of your hubby…a surpise concert. I’m really happy for you. Do you know the artist, Eden’s Bridge? I happened across her work at i-tunes and just love her sound. Similar to Clannad. I’ll send you a link.

    Hugs, Mary

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