Dr. Email

Many of us who have to use email regularly have to swollow the bitter pill of abuse more than once. It has been my irritation for a long time and I strongly refuse to join the general trend of ‘unpoliteness’ when writing an email or replying to one.

I could not agree more with the content of the BBC program last friday, there are some good tips in how to and how not to… Email is ruining my life! 

In the program there was talk of ’email bankruptcy’ explained as…  someone has so many unanswered emails in the inbox that it becomes too overwhelming,  the only solution is to hit the delete button. Don’t let is get that far!

I would like to add to the list of tips the following:

  1. When writing an email use the basic rules of politeness like you would do when writing a letter to someone. Salutation and signing your name at the end is just as important with email.
  2. Don’t give yourself a bad name, there is a person on the receiving end, treat them like you would when you are face to face with them. Just plain and simple common sense.
  3. Write carefully and check your spelling, it can prevent confusion and irritation. When you write an email you need to use your wording carefully. In face to face communication or even on the phone you have body language and tonation of voice that helps you to understand a person. Email does not have this.
  4. Don’t forget to say thank you. (It is one of the ‘culture traits’ I like about the English, the majority of people are polite and will always say please and thank you.)

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