Do something different

Another sunday has gone, the weekends fly by with my hubby working away from home all week. It makes the time together in the weekend so precious and special. To create this quality time we decided to go somewhere every sunday, no matter what the weather is like.

Last week we went to Bolton Abbey. We’ve done the walk along the river many times and enjoy it so much that we have become regulars. This Sunday however we needed a change and visited  Kilnsey park .

It was a pleasant surprise with many intesting attractions like the Rainbow Trout farm. The beautiful weather was an absolute bonus, the cold wind and the odd raindrop did not bother us one bit.

I’ve added pictures to Flickr about this pure enjoyment on the first Sunday in March!


One thought on “Do something different

  1. Hi Caroline,
    Thanks for the email and the password . I’m sorry your site got hacked, that’s horrible!
    What a good idea to do something special at weekends, you have so many lovely places to visit up there! I remember going to Bolton Abbey a couple of times many years ago when we used to holiday a lot in that area. Nowadays we tend to go to either Scotland or Dorset as that’s where Dave’s children live.
    We also felt the earthquake here, quite strongly in fact as we’re only about 60 miles from where the epicentre was.
    Loving the cold weather but would like some snow which we never seem to get here nowadays.

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