Shaken not stirred

Close to our house is a railway and at times our house is shaking when a heavy goods train is passing. I was not surprises last night when our bed started moving but when it was more then the usual shake I was wide awake. My cat was staring me in the eyes as if she wanted to say…”what did YOU do”?

I had no idea what it was… it felt like a bomb … admittingly a terrorist attack did cross my mind. Nothing of that kind was true and it was explained this morning by the seismologist that an earthquake this manitude roughly only happens once every 30 years in the UK.

Although we normally feel safe in our own home these are definately moments of insecurity. Just like Mabel I wished that moment that I could have gone with him…


3 thoughts on “Shaken not stirred

  1. Oh, my, how scary!! And during the week, too, when Steve isn´t around!
    I hope you are well, dear friend! Very much look forward to talking again soon!

    Love and hugs

  2. YIKES! That sounds like it was close and scary. What size was it? Just curious, being from earth quake country. That’s interesting it happened in England.

    Your photos are beautiful.

    Hugs, Mary

  3. Oh! I was still awake when the earthquake happened! I thought someone outside dropped a very, very heavy item outside the house, as it felt like the floor vibrated from it and I almost lost my footing (I was standing). I thought I left the earthquakes when I moved from L.A. lol

    Glad that you all were all right *hugs*

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