To be continued…

Starting from scratch…

What can I say… foolish or frustrating? Neither because bad things happen and are part of life.

I have no idea why people hacking into a site and mess around… and I guess there will always be individuals who manage to do this even when your website is sufficiently protected.

Personally I find people who have nothing else to do than to annoy others for ‘fun’ very sad…  it’s just a suggestion to them: get a life! Those who are driven by money are quickly heading towards the deserved reward of becoming the rats and polluters of the www making the normal use of it in the future almost impossible. Left are those who simply enjoy having a website or a blog to share thoughts and daily happenings with others, they will also find a way to tackle the web hurdles and carry on no matter what!

Although having my website polluted is not something I would classify as fun it does not stop me from living. I can always start again, besides a good clean does not harm anyone and I see it as an early spring clean.


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