Basically I do not like New Year resolutions. It might be the reason why the start of this year has given me, besides the excitement of a new beginning, a sort of hang-over. The first couple of weeks with good intentions and fulfillments of resolutions…. but… when the novelty wears off we realise that life is just life, there is no magic power that can do it for us. 

I was determent to start using ‘lists’ to organise myself , something my hubby could not do without. For years I laughed at his – lists to do – saying that I don’t need them. Well I have to say I was wrong! If anyone needs them desperately it is me…

As my workload increased I started to forget things… I know it could be the affects of age but I totally refuse to go for that option. Slowly I had to admit that there is only one cure for my senior moments.

Well I started making my ‘to do’ lists and managed to misplace it… making it more of a challenge than I expected it to be… how easy can it be huh…


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