Healing Herbs

In case you wonder why it’s so quiet in here….. 

It is always the busiest time of the year for me – webdesign updates and upgrades – all my clients wait until the end of the year…  I just needed a little break from codes and layouts to prevent permanent square eyes from staring at my screen.

Can anything go wrong :)

The text around should be different at each side but I stitched rosemary, fennel and sage twice. I’m not entirely happy about my choice of fabric, I plan to stitch it again on a light coloured linen, as always there is room for improvement. 

It is still a matter of trail and error… but after dusting off my sewing machine I had to try a new project. I designed a new cross stitch pattern with herbal flowers and made a pillow with my finished stitching. I think it turned out quite nice.

I enjoy it so much, it’s so peaceful …. I’ve already started with a new stitch project based on my Country Treasures set. I’ll be posting the progress soon.


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