What can I say… other than that I have not much to say… I’m in silence … working behind the scene. The days fly… especially now that they are so much shorter again… it is dark so early!

The colder months just cry out to spent indoors with a hot coco and a good  book.  The cosy part of the winter months is what I like most :).

So what is happening… well I started a new project a couple of months ago and I’m almost ready to add it to my site. Part of the project is not related to computer and internet and I must admit that it is wonderful to have this variation because my eyes where getting too square! It is fun to work with my hands again instead of the mouse.

Don’t get me wrong… I could never leave the computer… it is already too late as it is forever attached to me!

The other thing I am busy with is forever chatting on skype with my family and friends. My sister recently moved and we have so many new things to talk about. For example…. the new house came with a stray cat… it just walked in one day and has decided to stay with her. It is a red tabby… very young and happy and she has given it the name Moses. You can imagine the mischief it is getting in to…. exploring his new house guest. Anyway it gives me an excuse to chat to her every day ~smile~.

I received an email from an old friend in holland, we lost contact for a couple of years but are now back on track. Another 2 hours filled with chatting….

You see… it might be silent on this blog but there is still heavy traffic in my communication… and I love it!

Hope you all are enjoying the colourful Autumn… I know I am…

I’ll be back soon…


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