As you might have noticed I’m terrible when it comes to regular postings. I’ve been inundated with design work lately and have not made any time to keep my blog up to date..  I can promise all sorts but I better not… I just keep on trying ~smile~.

I’m working on a new ‘product’ at Cosmic handmade… eventhough it’s quiet in the shop there is a lot going on behind the scene… and … hopefully I can share it with you next month or so… but again… I make no promisses…

My hubby has been busy booking tickets for concerts in the next couple of months… the most excited I am about December…  we will be going to see Van Morisson! We both love to go to concerts, it’s always  … a sit down, relax and and listen type of thing.

Tonight we go to a concert of Midge Ure. Who is this you might ask?… to be honest I asked the same ~smile~. Steve is much better when it comes to music and I often end up at concerts listening to the music of the artist(s) for the first time.  I have not been dissapointed yet by his choices!

There is interesting information about Midge Ure on Wiki. For example he had a huge hit with the song Vienna when he became the singer of the group Ultravox. He was co-organiser, together with Bob Geldof, of Live Aid in 1984. He was also part of the more recent Live8. He’s one of those artists making music and history!


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