A breath of fresh air

Some scientists say that ’sea air’ carries positive ions, good for our general health, so good in fact that it changes the way we feel. True or not there is no proof… but what I do know is that whenever I am at the sea I feel miles better:)

We have treated ourself to a daytrip to release our mind and relax our body so to speak…. I can reveal that it has given us both a breath of fresh air.

Our destination was Whitby, a small town situated on the northeast coast of England in the county of North Yorkshire, 80km northeast of York and 30km north of Scarborough. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitby).

There is so much to see and experience. Besides the breathtaking view from the harbour, there is Whitby Abbey, St. Mary’s Church, an interesting collection of little shops (*grin*) and – because it is a fishing port – restaurants where you can eat freshly caught fish! Wow…. we have definately re-charged our batteries… ready to tackle whatever will come on our path.

We were wandering along the little restaurants feeling hungry and ready for our portion of fish and chips when I saw a fortune telling lady. I just had to go in and find out!

Funny what silly things we do when we feel insecure about our future. Now off course you want to know if  I am any wiser about our future… no, not really. It’s as usual all up to us, having faith, believing in ourselves and in a positive outcome. It was good fun though and it definately made me smile.


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