How to get rid of ‘Mood Gremlins’

Do you have a Gremlin? One that whispers in your ear that you look fat in those jeans, that you can’t do that… One that makes you suffer from unexpected ‘Mood Swings’ often during those moments we really do not need them.

There are a couple of obvious solutions fist coming to our mind, ‘I feel sorry for myself’ or ‘I need some serious pampering’… Unfortunately having a long soak in a hot bath, a huge bar of chocolate or ‘a shopping spree’ are not always appropriate or available. Don’t panic, if all else fails we do have a powerful tool always at hand to tame our Gremlins….
our imagination.

Do you Remember that moment you felt so happy, so good in yourself, ecstatic even..? Good, because you can use this memory when you are feeling blue! There we go…. … close your eyes, grab onto that feeling and draw a picture of it in your mind… (in 3D with colours and everything) now…. jump into this image…. are you there?… Great isn’t it!


Anyway, I caught mine!


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