Phoned my sister last week, Julia is still in a lot of pain and the specialist has decided to do a bone scan. I noticed during our chat how worried she sounded, she even discussed what had happened to our mother.

My mum had breast cancer and it was especially after the cancer had spread to her bones that she started to go downwards. It is unavoidable to think about that for us. As always there is only one way to go… forward with a positive mind. Please keep Julia in your thoughts and prayers.

The Gift
It is a gift this reminder of mortality this thing that slows me down this reflective summer. I know things about myself I could not otherwise have know pain can be endured uncertainly can be tolerated loss can be processed. I know there is well-spring of strength courage joy within me. I know that time is not forever. There is an urgency a poignancy a preciousness to life. I know that I do not fear suffering or death as much anymore.

It is a menace.
It is a sorrow.
It is a loss of innocence.
It is a gift.

(Excerpted from Fine Black Lines: Reflections on Facing Cancer, Fear and Loneliness, ©1993 Lois Tschetter Hjelmstad)

Lois is a remarkable woman, the above book is about her own experience and healing process, filled with personal stories and poems. She is a survivor! I bought this book for my sister last year and she told me how much reading the words of Lois is helping her.


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