It was the first time since her illness that I was able to see Julia’s in person. Besides the normal changes a healthy person goes through in a year, I noticed how different my sister now is.

The affects of chemo on a person’s physical body is enormous… the hair loss, weight gain and so on. She is only wearing her wig when she goes out of the house, the rest of the time she ties a scarf over her head.

Although it is a quality wig I personally preferred the scarf. While I was listening to her talking about everything that had happened I suddenly felt so powerless, life’s challenges can be so cruel to a person’s body without anyone being able to make a difference and give relief.

The road of healing our body is one we often have to walk alone. Julia is so strong and determent that I know that she will get there. She entered a special after care project enabling her to talk with others who experienced the same illness. All the needed help is available; diet, counselling, creative expression, group talks and so on. I admire her strength and determination and I am proud of my sister!


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