An early Valentine’s gift, Steve told me today what he planned for me next week on my day off. I can’t believe he managed to keep this a secret for the past two weeks, the person who never waits until my birthday or Christmas to give his presents!

Call me lucky, next week I’m booked for a whole day in a beauty and health farm; facial, body massage, sauna and all the needed gadgets that give us a day we never forget. Visualising for you what happened this morning when he told me;

  • totally speechless
  • pause
  • jumping up and down
  • huffing and puffing
  • a spit second feelings of guilt (do I deserve this?)
  • soon taken over by accepting without hesitation
  • jumping in his arms……

When I woke up this morning I had the thought of ‘I don’t feel like working today, but I know I have to’, and now, these seemingly unfortunate hours will be pleasantly interrupted with day dreaming of my pamper day.

Steve is full of surprises and that is what I love about him the most, life is a true adventure when walking along side this man.

His first gift of this year was a visit to the cinema, ‘The Phantom Of The Opera‘! I can only agree with Antoinette and also recommend when you love musicals to go and see this movie!


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