My cup of tea

A heavy wind is blowing and inside my house I feel safe and warm. There is something on my mind because my thoughts drift while I walk to my kitchen. I’m thinking about what has happened in Asia and Africa. The earthquake and tsunami is currently my subject of contemplation.

What can I do, I have to do something. Off course, I have donated money, but it somehow does not make me feel better when I pour myself a cup of tea. Once again the world is weeping. No human aggression, this confrontation makes us realise how fragile we truly are. Mother nature is strong and ruthless in her powerful outbursts.

We can only be humble and accept that this dangerous force is like a war we can never win. Somehow I start to think of my work as a carer, new dimensions related with the strong helping the weak, a smile and a chat during lonely moments. How good I feel when I can warm someone’s heart with little gestures. Although we might feel that there is nothing we can do, we should never forget the importance of caring for one another as often as we feel we can give.

There is no way that anyone can compare one loss with another but having lost many loved one’s myself, I cannot help but think of all those lonely and painful moments to come, the moments after the first shock, after the news, when people slowly forget. For those affected life has changed in a split second, losing more than we can ever comprehend. Families lost their homes, parents buried their children and so many are missing and may never be found. These people will have to find a way to live with this tragedy, carrying this pain inside.

A disaster with many echoes. While burning candles on my yearly memorial day I remember the loved one’s I have lost but also all those who suffered, lost and grief. The day chosen isn’t important, the idea is. During this ritual I visualise opening my heart giving love and warmth to ‘the universe’ … then I pray.

Scary how this row of lights has grown in the years…. and now I will add one more. Quietly I finish my tea.


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